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Listed below are some top quality birds that are some of the best of the best from my loft as well as from other top lofts in the U.S.A.

AU 15 227 Mottle Hen

Smaller built bird that has a red/yellow eye. She is down from my Black Knight family and goes back to my foundation cock  that I called "Domino". He was a consistent racer and an even better breeder, before eventually being sold for $2500. #227 has all the best of the Black Knight blood and I don't offer too many of these mottles for sale each year. Price is $300 plus shipping and comes fully pedigreed.

AU 17 Purple Heart 60 Grizzle hen

Raced in 2017' Purple heart Futurity Race. She is medium built, has a pearl eye, and down from some of the best of my Whiteracer family. Her top race results are 3rd vs 197B 100M club (top 1%), 8th vs 166B 175M club (top 5%), 43rd vs 934B 100M 36 lofts Federation (top 5%). She was raced by my friend Greg Lund(Lund Loft), and was one of his most consitent young bird racers that was always in the top 5 birds to his loft. She comes with copies of her race results, and is a steal at $150 plus shipping. If you want a pedigree, add another $50 

AU 16 68 White Grizzle Hen

(3rd Overall Start of North One Loft Series)

Outstanding proven One Loft Futurity Winner. #68 was 5th on the 300M & 23rd on the 200M. She was 3rd overall in One Loft Race series and one of only a handful to complete the tough 2016' Star of North Race series that started out with close to 175 birds of the top pigeons starting the race. Rarely do I let proven racers go, but I am overloaded on breeders and have both parents. If you are looking for a proven racer at that win in one loft or futurity races, this is the one for you. As I tell people that there are no gurantees winners will breed winners, but I do know that the percentage of success goes up drastically when that is what makes up a person's stock loft. Price is $1,000

AU 16 62 White Hen

raced in 2016' Star of North One Loft Race Series

Extremely well bred hen that is down from the best of my Whiteracer family. Sire is "Whiteracer 27" that was a solid white cock that scored 12th vs 704 birds in Heartland Federation 175 miles for me and very consistent racer for me before being retired to stcok loft. He is a grandson to "5088" that was a solid white and 1st 300M One Loft Race winner and only daybird from 325M. Dam to #62 was raced out to 500M and was also a solid white. Dam is granddaughter to Grand Champion Des Moines IA show, and down from best of the late Roger Mortvedt. Rarely do I let proven racers like this go, but I have both parents. If you are looking for some tough/competitive whites, there is no better way to gte there than to breed from proven racers. Price is as a steal at $500 plus shipping

AU 17 MM 5469 Splash Hen (4th Overall Average Speed Winner Star of North One Loft Race Series)

Star of North Race record is...

4th 200M, 20th 300M, 4th Overall Average Speed Winner Star of North 2017'

Only on this site will you be able to purchase a bird of this calibre with many years ahead of her breeding. She is down from Hapyco Deklak, Van Elsacker, and Arendonk Janssen bloodlines by way of Continental Breeding Station (CBS). Her pedigree is loaded with winners, and when it comes to money races today, your odds go up dramatically when breeding off proven stock that has already won money. Why pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for unproven racers. Although there is no guarantee that a winner will breed winners, the percentage goes up drastically that the winning gene will be passed on to their offspring. Price is a steal at $200 plus shipping SOLD AM