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1st Place Winner
AU 93 RRP 5088 "Mortician Cock" is one of my foundation white breeders. He was 1st Gopher State Derby One Loft Race in 93' winning $ 2,500 and was the only daybird from 325M against some of the best colored racing pigeons from the upper Midwest. His full brother won the same race the following year. His sire is 1st 100M, 200M, and 100M. His dam is a 300M club auction race money winner.

"True Grit Hen"

560 mile day bird, 2002 Old Birds

11th 126 birds 14 lofts ONLY 16 DAY BIRDS IN COMBINE

1st Place Winner
AU 2000 MRR 3929 "Snow White" is a proven breeder of diploma winners for me and was my top flying white in 2000' YBS before being set aside for stock. Her race record is...
1st 37B 9L 175M
4th 39B 9L 150M
28th 253B 12L 175M

1st Place Winner

AU 2002 MRR 2227

"2227" White Grizzle Hen

1st @ 160 miles 84 birds 7 lofts

5th @ 160 miles 294 birds 14 lofts


1st Solid White One Loft Race 150M

"Devil Eyes" AU 2003 TC 0422

1st 150M 2003' Solid White One Loft, he is straight Sion and has the regular colored eyes (orange/yellow) and is related to my True Grit Hen who is also pictured on my site  


AU 98 MRR 0914 alias "The Lindberg Cock"

One of my Foundation Whiteracer breeding cock birds. Sire/gr sire/gr gr sire to numerous diploma winners from 100-600 miles His top race results are as follows before bein set aside for stock...

18th vs 446B 200M

53rd vs 632B 150M

52nd vs 688B 100M

nestmate #915 was 10th vs 490B 100M, 38th vs 632B 150M 



AU 2003 D Kuhn Whiteracers 114 "Smoke Screen"

 1st Solid White One Loft Race 200M

Bred down from some of the best of my Whiteracer Family and full brother to mutiple diploma winners.




AU 2003 D Kuhn Whiteracers 92 Wht hen

#92 is currently on my 2004' OB race team and 3/4 of the way through the season is at 2nd High Point Bird Of Year in the GSR club. Full brother was 3rd last year in a 200M Solid White One Loft Race. #92 top race results in 2004' are...

2nd 150B 15L 175M
2nd 189B 18L 225M


AU 99 MRR 3447 "Big Red"

1st Place Winner

Outstanding racer for me and 2nd High Point Champion Bird of Year in 2003 OBs. Top results are from 2003' are... 

1st 125M 118B 11L club only
3rd 550M 43B 5L  club only
5th 225M 99B 9L club only 
2nd Champion High Point Bird 03' OBs