2011' & 2012' Racing Highlights in Heartland Federation
Dennis Kuhn Loft


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2011' & 2012' Racing Highlights in Heartland Federation

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Below are some highlights racing in the very competitive Heartland Federation. The Federation consist of multiple clubs from Minnesota as well as western Wisconsin. The front east to west is over 150 miles. I am currently located the furthest west of any loft any loft, which makes it very difficult to place high on the shorter races.  My system of flying is natural to nest position. Since I live in the country, I am able to get by with open loft daily, and very minimul road training. Good birds are good birds and seem to rise to the occassion come race day, due to good genetics and good health/loft management. Due to a clcok malfunction on the first race in 2011' old birds, I was unable to compete for overall average speed. I was able however to compete in long overall average speed. Below are some top awards and birds clocked in top races in old birds, as that is all I race now due to work schedule/raising young family. When I did race youngbirds, the last year I flew I was a memeber of teh Gopher State Racer (GSR) which at the time boasted the biggest membership in the sate of Minneosta with approximately 25 members. That year (2003') I won 2nd overall average speed in the club and was on the long end by at least over 25 miles per race. Now racing with Heartland Federation, I am the furtherst loft west and on the short end, and still winning. 2012' Old Birds I was 4th Overall Average Speed Winner and 2nd best Minnesota Loft.

AU 10 Whiteracers 80 White Grizzle Cock (3X 1st bird in clock for me in 2012' Old Birds)

32nd vs 451 birds 395 miles  (top 7%)

54th vs 276 birds 175 miles   (top 20%)

136th vs 573 birds  273 miles  (top 24%)

AU 10 Whiteracers.com 115 Indigo Hen

1st Metro Combine 175 miles

3rd Federation vs 704 birds 55 lofts

AU 11 TC 531 Blue Bar Hen

9th vs 208 birds 568 miles Federation (top 4%)

16th vs 472 birds 273 miles Federation  (top 3%)

Bred by my friend Les Mirowslowski and flown by Dennis Kuhn

AU 10 AA 26510 Grizzle Cock

2012' he was 13th National Long Distance Ace Pigeon in Minnesota according to American Racing Pigeon (AU) website

19th vs 179 birds 470 miles (top 11%)

22nd vs 224 birds 470 miles (top 10%)

42nd vs 451 birds 396 miles (top 9%)

all above results were on day and in 2012' old birds

AU 09 Whiteracers 81 Black W/F Hen

26th vs 224 birds 470 miles (top 12%)

Daybird from close to 500 miles and clocking just before dark (7:47 PM) being one of only a handful that day

AU 06 Whiteracers 1488 Black W/F Cock

"Back Brash"

10th vs 193 birds 568 miles in 11'

2nd club, 8th combine 450M

4th club 470M, 13th combine 560M in 09'

3X 1st bird in clock 600M for me

AU 07 Whiteracers 27 White Cock

12th vs 704 birds 55 lofts 175 miles (top 2%)

2012-13' Eyesign Champion Mid-Minnesota Racing Pigeon Club annual show/auction. I have won the eyesign class 3 of last 4 years with 3 different birds.