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Pictured below are some birds that made 2008' yet another successfull season of racing/showing for Kuhn Family Loft. We strive to be the best, and let our birds do the talking for us. Please feel free to call or email with any questions. We wish to extend our best wishes to everyone for this upcoming year, and hope that they will spread the word about this great hobby to others. The future of pigeon racing/pigeon fancy depends on it!!!

                                              Champion Old Bird 08' GSR Club

Direct son of "Dynomite Cock" who was Champion Old Bird 05' and was 1st 450M that year. #1418 was my top yearling in 07' old birds with a top finish of 2nd 300M club, 4th overall combine vs 331 birds, 28th Minnesota Invitational vs 1,086 birds.

AU 06 MM 6201 "White Hope"

Grand Champion Solid White 08'

"White Hope" was Grand Champion White in 07' too, which is the largest sold white racing pigeon show in the country. He is also a proven racer and was 11th overall in Crow River One Loft Race in 06' against some of the best regular colored birds in the upper Midwest.

08 CRF 432 BB Cock "Sure Shit"

2nd Avrg Speed CRF Futurity

"Sure Shit" was 2nd overall average speed in the Crow River Futurity race flown by Ed Hoffmann. He is down from my chocolate Fabrys and the "Dunbar" Janssen lines. His father was 5th overall in the CRF Futurity in 07', and his mother was directly off the 4th overall CRF Futurity winner in 06'. This is a true testament of the quality of thses birds to score year after year in one of the only futurity races held in Minnesota!!!

AU 03 Whiteracers 0138 "Silent White"

1st 250M only daybird club

"Silent White" has been one of my most consistent solid white hens on my race team the last few years and finally got her first win on a tough 250M race. She was the only daybird from my club and it wasn't an official AU sanctioned race due to lack of lofts competing, but she still raced and ended up taking 22nd overall in combine with only 25 daybirds!!!

  AU 07 Dakota 251 "Winner Fantastic"

   1st 150M Club 08'

Exceptional racer who is a brother to 1st 600M for Dakota Loft in 08' old birds. "Winner Fantastic" was named by my daughter Siri, and is part of her race team. He was her first bird in the clock on the 100M race the week before and took 8th club on that race.

AU 97 NCO 0901 "Golden Eyes"

Champion Eyesign Cock 08'

"Golden Eyes" was Champion Eyesign old cock class at National Racing Pigeon Show held in Hutchinson KS in 08', and Reserve Champion overall for Kuhn Family Loft (we won Grand Champion Eyesign with a blue barless cock in 06' at National Racing Pigeon Show). He was also Reserve Champion Eyesign at Mid-Minnesota Show/Auction in January of 09'. He is down from Catrysse/Grooter lines.

AU 05 PBX 1288 Black "Midnight Magic"

1st overall best Black Des Moines IA show 08'

3rd overall in class Hutchinson KS Nat'l Show 08'

Straight Black Eagle going back to original stock from Manny Maritz of South Africa. Not only do they win racing especially when conditions get tough, but can win with thier beauty during the offseason in the shows!!!

1st Average Speed Old Birds 08'

Unofficial 1st Overall Average Speed old Birds due to lack of participation from lofts competing and season having to be shortened. Kuhn Family Loft race results in the club were...

2nd 150M, 1st & 4th 150M, 1st 200M, 1st 250M, 2nd 150M, 3rd 150M, 6th & 7th 400M

This would now make it the 3X 1st Overall Old Bird Average Speed, 1X 2nd Overall Old Bird Average Speed, 3x Champion Old Bird, 1x 2nd Champion Old Bird since racing with the Gopher State Racers (GSR) club since 03'. These results are more Average Speed & Champion Bird awards than any other racing loft in my club since joining the GSR club in 03'!!!