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                    BLACK KNIGHTS

They are beautiful in the sky to watch, and even prettier at the top of the RACE SHEET

Number 7

Black Pepperman that has been an outstanding outcross for my Black Knight family. Sire/gr sire to countless diploma winners including his most famous son "Domino." Domino is the product of #7 when he was crossed with #145 who was one of my foundation hens of my Whiteracer Family.


My Peppermans fly well straight on tough races
or anything over 400 My Toye/Eagle cross
excell up to 300 The blacks have won for me
as well as others who have tried them
They will throw a white flighted pigeon
once in awhile, and come in different shades
of black. On some of my blacks,
you can see the bar/checker pattern
or even end up with a reddish tint sometimes.

"Domino" Multiple DiplomaWinner  and outstanding breeder!
Visit my "Domino Family" page to view some of his best.
                      CLICK HERE
 Multiple Diploma Winner and consistently in the top 20% from 100-450 miles.
 The best of my Whiteracer & Black Knight blood crossed together,
His full sister 3438 is dam to AU 2000 MRR 3929 "Snow White" which was 1st 175 miles
as a YB and my best flying white that year.

"Miss Black Knight"

AU 98 MN 2535

1st vs 1,774B 100M
1st vs 1,602B 150M

Current foundation hen and possibly the best American bred/raced solid black sprint pigeon!!!

Granddaughter to foundation Black Eagle/Silvre Toye pair.




IPB 97 B 09881
Original Black Pepperman
Dam to multiple diploma

IPB 97 B 09881



AU 2000 MRR 3901

One of my top breeding Black Knight hens.

       (Dam to equal 1st Beaver State One Loft Race winner)

 Medium to small in size but very powerful, she was one of my top flying blacks as a YB  5th 363B 14L 300M, 9th 180B 10L 175M



AU 2001 MRR 0233 "Ace"

Uncle to money winners in the AU Convention, Oregon Beaver Sate One Loft, Twin Cities Gold Band futurities.

 Top race results before being stocked was... 4th 132B 11L 125M (club only)

AU 2003 D Kuhn Whiteracers 32

Black is a direct son of "Domino" and currently on my race team. On 6/5/2004 he was 4th club 400M and one of only 13 daybirds, 6/26/04 he was 2nd club 400M while flying an average of 30 miles futher than my club members.




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