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Blue and Silver Barons
The Barless FAMILY"The Silver Barless Barons"

My silver barless (what some call spread ash or lavender), descend from my Black Eagle/Silvre Toye foundation pair and a silver barless Stichelbaut hen that was a 300 mile race winner (Silver Crystal). Silver Crystal's sire was a 200M Twin Cities Combine winner himself as a YB agianst over 1,500 birds. Through my selective breeding/testing the birds racing, I feel that the "Barless Barons" can be just as competitive as my "Whiteracer" and "Black Knight" families. My silver barless styarted making an impact in 2001' as you can see the "Silver Bullet" and "Minnesota Silver" abbreviated racing record. 

"Background on the Barless Barons" 

My blue barless birds are a family of racing pigeons that are long distance based and made up of numerous crosses, with perfomamce and color being the primary goal in the breeding loft. They derive from three different sources and are down from racing quality stock. They have had some of the top lines like Vanhee from Roger Mortvedt, Super 73 Van Loon & Devreindt from Cambell Strange, as well as my Antheiren Janssens (in my opinion one of the best line of Janssen blood around) crossed into them. The blue barless tend to be more of a longer distance type pigeon, however they do have race winners from 150-300 miles in the pedigrees. They have scored for me in a couple of local one loft races and in 2007', one of my Barless Blue breeders took Champion Eyesign down in Hutchinson Kansas verse over 150 birds in the class.



1st @ 300 miles as a YB. Her sire was 1st combine 200 miles as a YB as well.
"Silver Crystal" is dam to multiple diploma winners including "Silver Bullet" and is not only one of the foundation hens of my SILVER BARLESS FAMILY but has crossed well with my Black Knight's

AU 00 GA 1547

"Baron King"

Grandsire is Dorian
on both sides of the
pedigree.Dorian was
raced only 3x before
being stocked.His race
record is... 2 X 3rd 500M,
25th @ 200M. "Baron King"
is one of the nicest
handling barless in the loft.
"Electric Blue"

AU 00 GRP 0794
Linebred to "Dorian" AU 80 IDA 2825 (raced 3x stocked)

Blue Barless 3rd 500 Miles 3rd 500 Miles 25th 200 Miles

Gr. grandmother AU 80 IDA 943 1st 150Miles, 1st 300 Miles,

1st 500 Miles Gr.grandfather AU 95 GFL 701 bred by

Mike Ganus and direct son of legendary

 SUPER CRACK "699" and TRIPLE 005

AU 98 MRR 0147
4th 132B 9L 560M (one of only seven day birds) 01'
8th 228B 20L 400M 00'
13th 335B 13L 150M 01'
18th 346B 23L 225M 98'
In top 20% of the
clock multiple times.
Dam (Silver Crystal) was 1st 300M.
is a Gr. Grandson
to foundation
eagle/toye pair

AU 99 GA 1606

"Deja BLUE"

1/2 brother to 450 mile DAY BIRD in a tough New York Futurity race.

Blue Barless Gr. son to "Dorian" AU 80 IDA 2825 (raced 3x then stocked)

3rd 500 Miles,3rd 500 Miles,25th 200 Miles.

Great Gr.Son AU 84 IDA 813 OB Hall Of Fame

1st 130 Miles 1st 200 Miles,

1st 500 Miles, 2nd 500 Miles.


"Mid-Minnesota Blue"

AU 2003 D Kuhn Whiteracers 177 brls

"Mid-Minnesota Blue" 6th (equal 4th) Mid Minnesota One Loft race in 2003' and one of only a handful of daybirds from 300M, full sister to diploma winners and now residing in the stock loft

AU 99 MRR 3410

2nd 124B 6L 125M 01'
6th 223B 21L 450M 01'
2001 MN. State Race was 11th 1,383B 123L
(results can be viewed on front cover of March 2002' edition of Racing Pigeon Digest)
10th 373B 22L 200M 00'
Multiple clock bird.
Gr.Grandaughter to
foundation eagle/toye pair

AU 2002 MRR 2345 BRLS "Shadow"
2345 is a multiple diploma winner that is currently on my race team and has raced out to 450M.
Top results are... 19th 75B 11L 400M 2004' club
6th 132B 11L 125M 2003' club
18th 358B 26L 225M 2002' combine




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