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Testimonials of my different families of racers flying for other fanciers from around the U.S.A.

2019' 3rd Champion Young Bird Joel Dugan first time flyer took 3rd Champion Bird in club with a white off one of my Whiteracers breeders he bought

2018' 1st 300M Club 300M and 24th overall Heartland vs 685 birds (Janssen)

2018' Star of North One Loft Futurity was 3rd Overall Average Speed Winner with AU 18 Whiteracers 55 ( was also 2nd & 4th on the 300M in that race) (Whiteracer)

2018' Bryce Kuhn was Junior Champion Mid Minnesota Racing Pigeon Show with a solid white (Whiteracer)

2018' Twin Cities Gold Band Winner and only day bird was bred from a hen purchased from Kuhn Fanily Loft (Janssen)

2016' Star of North One Loft Futurity 3rd Overall Average Speed Winner with AU 16 Whiteracers 68 WGRZZ Hen (was also 8th overall on the 300M)

2016' 2nd Overall Heartland Federation (GMI & ICC combines) 600M overall for Kuhn's family loft (Janssen)

2015' quote of "Birds are doing incredible so far I've won a 200M & 300M,  missed the 250M because I threw up the dropper that landed on a wire and my bird followed so I lost by just under 2 minutes, but no excuse I screwed up, but the wins go back to the ones you sold me!!! Glen Comeau (GlenCom Lofts Mid-Florida Combine)

2015' Bird sold by me bred 1st Overall Twin Cities Combine 100M vs 967B 46 lofts for Mark?Kathleen Shipman (Goodfeather Loft) in thier forst year ever racing pigeons in young birds

2015' 2nd Overall Heartland Federation 150M  vs 538 birds 39 lofts (Kuhn's Whiteracers)

2014' 1st Overall Heartland Federation  200M vs 659 birds 36 lofts with Houben Janssen

2014' Stephen Michael's daughter was 2nd Overall AU Convention Youth Race (on drop with 1st place bird but lost foot race through trap) out of Kuhn's Whiteracer Cock that has alos bred 2 race winners with tow differemnt hens along with another fancier's top young bird

2014' 5th overall 300M Star of the North One Loft with AU 14 ARPU 80736 Black W/F (Black Knight)

2013' 1st Overall Heartland Federation 500M vs 217 birds 21 lofts by over 20 minutes with a Janssen based bird

2013' Grand Champion Des Moines Racing Pigeon Show

2013' Grand Champion & Reserve Champion Northern Wisconsin/Michigan Racing Pigeon Show/Auction (Janssen & Kuhn's Whiteracers)

2013' 1st Club 9th Overall Heartland Federation 300 miles vs 601 birds (Barcelona bloodlines)\

2013' 5th Overall Mid-Minnesota One Loft Futurity (Black Knight bloodlines)

2012' Mid-Minnesota Eye sign Champion Racing Homer

2011' 3rd Overall Heartland Federation vs 696 birds vs 54 lofts 200 miles with a chocolate or indigo check hen off a 1st place 150 mile winner Janssen cock when paired with a Zippy Red hen

2009' Money Winner for Rick Savage of Oklahoma in Meadowland Futurity in New York (off Janssen hen from $50 or less sale page) 
2009' 1st club for Jake Alhambra of California with a bird off my Opal family
2009' 1st club/combine 200M for Rick Savage in ADA Oklahoma club with AU 09 Whiteracers 54 WHT Hen (Kuhn's Whiteracer family)
2008' 1st 200M & 1st 300M with young off of a daughter of my foundation cock "Mr Des Moines"  for John Shaw, IA (Kuhn's Whiteracer Family)
2008' Grand Champion Black Des Moines IA show (Black Knight Family) 
2008' Grand Champion Solid White Des Moines IA show making it winning this award 7 of last 8 years, winner is #6201 who was also a money winner in the 06' Mid Minnesota One Loft race against regular colored birds (Kuhn's Whiteracer family) 
2008' 1st 100M with a speed of over 1,500 YPM for Ray Nofsinger of Wisconsin off a youngster of 07 Whiteracers 121 Yellow (Trenton blood)
2008' Grand Champion Eyesign old cocks at National Racing Pigeon Show in Hutchinson KS with old line Grooter/Catrysse for me (Dennis Kuhn)
2008' I had purchased a pair of your bandit birds with your handwritten peds last year from aman named toll.one of the first young came out with more red than white and i gave it to another person in my club to race.i thought you might be interested to know that on the 200,it came in 3rd but last week on the 320 from macon georgia back to orlando,it beat evryone by 60 minutes.it came out of bird 06-0280
don brumfield
special white bird releases

2008' 1st 250M with solid white and only daybird in club with AU 03 D Kuhn Whiteracers 0138. Whiteracer Family

2008' 1st 200M GSR Club with Whiteracer Family. 

2008' Champion Bird GSR Club Champion Bird for 3rd time out of the last 5 years racing in GSR Racing Pigeon Club with a AU 06 D Kuhn Whiteracers 1418 WGRZZ Cock who is a direct son of "Dynomate Cock" who was Champion bBird in 05'. #1418 is down from my Whiteracer Family. 

2007' 1st Internet Auction Race Hi Dennis, I just got word that my bird won the Interenet Auction Race. This bird is from the red cock I bought from you last year. Thanks for the great bloodlines. Glenn Poole (Manawa, Wisconsin) race took place in Oklahoma

2007' Pigeon Products Dennis I received the traps today (Wed) They are awesome!! Excellent workmanship, thank you for a product that I feel is more than what I paid for, Paul Calland Lynchburg VA 

  2007' Denny,Just wanted you to know that a YB I raised from 1215 (Griz Cock….one of your birds) bred a number 2nd Combine race pigeon in this past weekend’s 100 YB race. Last year this same cock bred my fastest YB. Take care, Steve Skaggs ( St Jacob, ILL) Whiteracer Family

1st 160M hi Denny wanted to let you know i just won a 160 mi race this past weekend with a yb out of 1508blkwfc i bought from you . we flew over the cascade mountians and dessert to get the birds. so far i am having a good season we have flew two weekends and i have won all four races . our first week i took first 8 places a race b race first 5 places .this past weekend i took the first 6 places a race b race i took the first 5 places not bad 2nd yb season and flying over these tough mountians . our speeds were 1237 1278 1230 1332 . 1332 is the speed 1508 yb flew . Dennis England OR (Black Knight family)

 2007' 1st 350M club by over 1 hour 45 minutes  for Hank Talcott in Ohio flying with the GAR club with a white grizzle directly off #1204 white cock bred by Dennis Kuhn from his Kuhn's Whiteracer Family.

2006' 1st 200M Combine Grady Kuhn, Oshkosh Wisc. (white directly off Kuhn Whiteracer stock)

2006' 4th Crow River One Loft for Herb & Crystal Wilson, Boyd MN down from Kuhn Whiteracer stock (Wilson's have bred winners in five of last six years in this race)

2006' Champion White in local club white futurity for Rick Gates, Norman OK bred by Kuhn Whiteracers

2006' 1st 400M Cecil Alhambra, El Cerrito CA (down from Barless Baron family)

2006' 1st 500M Dickie Dickerson, Odessa Texas (directly off pair of silver barless Braless Barons) 

2006' Wanted you to know that two two-year old hens (never before raced) from your birds placed 2nd and 3RD in the club's first Old Bird Race.  I am still waiting to see they how did against the Combine.  They flew 126 (100 miles race) miles in 3 hours. 
 Actually, I wasn't able to clock them until I go home from church and went out to see if any birds made it home ....... and there they were.  So I really don't know how long they had been "sitting" there.  Also, I bred my fastest young bird last year from one of your white pairs (cock: 3575 and hen: 2266 .....I think that is her band number..... the hen is out of "Alisa").   Steve Skaggs, St Jacob ILL

2006' Hi Denny
  Here are a couple of pics of my 2 best this YB season.The Grizzle
is out of 0111 that I got from you and a son of a CBS grizzle hen.He was in the top 10% the first 6 races.
Steve Tandy, Carl Junction MO (Kuhn's Whiteracer Family on dam side)

2006' Dennis,
 Just thought Id send you an e-mail to see how AU 02 MRR 2378 is doing, hopefully you already have a few out of him. 
 I am breeding out of his daughter and grandson this season.  His grandson (04-1013), who was eq 1st @ 135 miles, 1st (by 14 minutes) @ 221 miles, 11th @ 273 miles, is quite an interesting pigeon. I ended up not racing him as an old bird, and he decided to lay claim to 4 nest boxes in my old bird loft (12 boxes total).  Once he was in the breeding loft, he started conquering boxes again.  It's about enough to drive you crazy, but he earned his spot. 
  The sire of these two birds is GRF 1013 (2x1st, 2nd champion bird of the club, grandson of 2378).  This is the pigeon that took 02 MRR 2378's spot in the breeding loft this year. Thought I'd let you know that CRF 1030 (down from the Antherine cock) ended up 2nd champion bird of the club, and his nestmate was 15th champion bird of the club.
 In other news, I ended up 2nd High Point loft, 2nd Average Speed, and 2nd Champion Bird.  Considering I shipped an average of 11 birds per race, and won 3 of 6 races, 10 birds in the top 25 for Champion Bird, I call this a successful year (with some room for improvement though).
     Dan Labo, Annandale MN
    (Dan is a younger flyer by today's standards and still in college. Offspring off AU 02 MRR 2378 who was bred by me are responsible now for TWO 2nd overall Champion Birds for Dan Labo in YBs)

2006' Thought I give you a E-Mail about one of your birds.AU 2004 D.Kuhn Whiteracers 489 Black Hen, mated to a silver Sion thatI breed from one of Dr. Browns Sions from California.They breed me a silver bar less hen Au FTW  450  05.Saturday she won the 150 mile race for me. Winning speed was 1404.569 YPM. Maybe some day this 66 year old rookie will have some things to share down the road.  Robert Denny, Fort Wayne Indiana

2006' This past Saturday I was second at the 100 mile station with one of the birds that I bred from your birds,  AU DK 04 477 BLK C  &  AU DK 04 551 SIL BRLS H. I had eight birds on the drop, but they would not come down they flew about 5 minutes around the loft before landing. I lost the race by 39 seconds. The birds had 1440 ypm. I guess the race was so fast that they had a lot of energy left. The bird I clocked is my only entry in the auction race. Would be nice if he places. Young bird season has been good to me. I finished the season as the over all average speed winner. Robert Denny, Fort Wayne Indiana

2005' 1st 600M club Barless Blue for Ralph Anderson, Duluth MN (down from Barless Baron family)

2005' Money Winner in Harmony Auction for Gary Cooper Bridgeport WV (directly off Black Knight breeding pair AU 02 MRR 2268 & #2270)

2005' 1st 100M club vs 109B Tom Barnhart Lima Ohio (directly off Black Knight stock)

HI Denny,
Thank you for selling me a good bird barless  #62, her daughter won 4th place equal 1st on Sunrice Classic. Manuel Del Valle, Miami FL (Barless Baron Family)

Hi Dennis,
  I haven't forgot about the bird information as I am looking for the rest. I can give you what I have thus far.
AU 02 MRR 2493 - with two different hens he breed 6 old birds 4th @150 and young birds he breed 6 @150, 4 @ 150 , 4th @ 200.
IPB 01 B 12006 - 1st at the 1 loft race, 6 @ the 150, 3rd @ the 200. Thanks, George Chatman, McCordsville IN
2004' Harmony Auction Money winner for Gary Cooper, Bridgeport WV (directly off pair of Black Knight breeders band AU 02 MRR #2268 & #2270)

2004' Solid White One Loft Race hosted by Sherman Wolf, Huntingburg IN

-1st AU 04 WR 454 Steve Johnson, Kingston OK (bred by Dennis Kuhn)
-4th AU 04 WDRP 108 Gary Cooper, Bridgeport WV (dam is down from two
Kuhn Whiteracers)


-1st AU 04 INDY 805 George Chatman,  (directly off Kuhn
Whiteracer stock)
-2nd AU 04 WR 454 Steve Johnson, Kingston OK (bred by Dennis Kuhn)


-1st AU 04 WDRP 908 Janeen Schneider
-2nd AU 04 WDRP 905 Janeen Schneider (directly off Kuhn
Whiteracer stock on dam side)
-4th AU 04 WDRP 921 Janeen Schneider (directly off Kuhn Whiteracer stock on the dam side)

 First Average speed winner is Janeen Schneider with WDRP 921 (directly off Kuhn Whiteracer stock on dam side)

2004' Denny 420 took 8th place in our club A race. 200 birds in race. I
had 13 birds on the the drop. First race of the season. Jerry Michielli (420 is bred by me down from my Kuhn Whiteracer Family)

2003' 1st 161M vs 314B Jim Walker Sr., MT Washington, KY

2003' Solid White One Loft Race hosted by Tammy Juncker, Ullin ILL.

100 Mile Race
1st Gary Cooper - HAR 454 (off two Kuhn Whiteracer birds)
3rd Denny Kuhn DKWR 91

150 Mile Race
1st - TC 422 ("Devil Eyes" owned by Dennis Kuhn)
3rd Gary Cooper - HAR 454 (off two Kuhn Whiteracer birds)

200 Mile Race
1st Denny Kuhn - DKWR 114
3rd Denny Kuhn - DKWR 67

300 Mile Race
4th - TC 422 "Devil Eyes" owned by Dennis Kuhn

Gary Cooper's HAR 454 took the 1st Average Speed Award.
      (directly off tow Kuhn Whiteracer birds)
Hi Denny:
Didn't really beat you.  LOL  454 is out of AU-MRR-01-0368 and AU-0l-MRR-0386.  Those are two of the ybs I bought from you in 2001.
Gary Cooper, Bridgeport WV

2002' Solid White One Loft Race hosted by Bill Barbary of Butler, PA

100 Mile Race
2nd AU 02 HAR 895 Gary Cooper of WV (off Kuhn Whiteracer stock)
4th AU 02 MRR 2281 Dennis Kuhn

200 Mile Race
3rd AU 02 HAR 895 Gary Cooper of WV (off Kuhn Whiteracer stock)

2002' 3rd (equal 1st) Beaver State Breeder Cup One Loft with AU 02 MRR 2258 BLK in Oregon for Carl Rensa, Wilkes Barre PA (Black Knght bred by Dennis Kuhn entered by Carl Rensa)

2002' 1st 200M & Champion Bird in YBs for John Roan, Woodland AL (directly off Kuhn Whiteracer stock)

2002' money winner Beaver State Breeder Cup One Loft with AU 02 MRR 2258 WHT in Oregon for Carl Rensa, Wilkes Barre, PA (Whiteracer bred by Dennis Kuhn entered by Carl Rensa) 

2002' 1st 150 combine vs 750B wgrzz flown by Shawn Burridge, Oswego NY bred by Dennis Kuhn from Kuhn Whiteracer Family

2002' 1st 200M, 5th 250M for Tom Barnhart, Lima Ohio (directly off Black Knight/Whiteracer stock)

2001' 1st 200M wgrzz off Kuhn Whiteracer stock for Bryan Chenault, Beaumont TX
2000' 5th OOA Twin Cities Gold Band Black Knight flown by Dick Althoff, Vadnais Heights MN

2000' Two Money Winners AU Convention for John Fredrichs directly off Black Knight cock bred by Dennis Kuhn  

1999' 1st OOA Twin Cities Gold Band Black Knight flown by Dick Althoff, Vadnais Heights MN

Above is the future generation of the sport
Above is pictured the future of our sport in racing pigeons. Please take every opportunity you can to get the kids involved in this great hobby before it is too late, as that is how most of started when we were young ourselves.