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Listed below are birds that everyone can afford, with NO bird being priced higher than $60 on this page.

16 NPA 1562 Cock & 16 NPA 1312 Hen

Nice Texan Pioneer pair. The Texas Pioneer pigeon is a utility breed that was developed by Delwin V. James of Houston, Texas starting in 1953. It was the first breed of pigeon that was specifically bred for Auto-Sexing purposes, which is to say that the pigeons could be easily sexed by sight just because of their color. This is due to the Faded gene, which produces light colored cocks (which are short downed when they are hatched) and darker colored hens (which have long down when hatched). The breed received official recognition by the National Pigeon Association in 1961 and its first organized specialty breed club was established in 1963. Price is $60 plus shipping SOLD LH

18 NPA 2467 Red Cock & 19 NPA 1223 Hen

Dewlap pair of pigeons with many years ahead of them breeding. The Syrian Dewlap – also known by the names: Beyrouth, Syrische Wammentaube, Beirut– are varieties originating from the East (Asia), especially Syria, Lebanon and southern Turkey, but no information has been found since When it was developed (only thought to have been known since the 17th century or earlier). Price is $60 plus shipping SOLD

Five Pack of Chinese Owls

Five pack of Chinese Owls that includes both sexes of birds, and multiple colors (Picture above is generic picture of some I previously sold. There are multiple colors including grizzle, red, brown, silver, etc that will be in five packs for sale and choice of color you get is at my discretion based on what is available). These birds are show quality calbre, and in excellent shape. Price is $100 plus shipping (comes out to only $20 each). SOLD

19 NPA 2616 Cock & 19 NPA 3689 Hen

Mated pair of Portugese Tumblers with many years ahead of them breeding. The Portuguese Tumbler Pigeon is a tiny bird developed from Portuguese and English tumbling breeds. Price is $60 plus shipping SOLD HR

16 NPA 1953 Red Hen & 16 NPA 1958 White

Very nice pair of Frillbacks. Price is $55 plus shipping SOLD

12 NPA 3031 Hen & 12 NPA 3017 Cock

Rare Pheasant Pigeon pair. This breed originated in the Swabian region of Germany (alternate name of Suabian) "Pheasant Pigeon" was picked up with this breed because of the color patteren reminded some of the true Silver Pheasant. Price is $55 plus shipping SOLD