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2013' Old Bird Highlights

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Listed below are some of our top racers from 2013' old birds so far. Half way through the season we are leading in Long Distance average speed; thanks to our Heartland Federation 500 mile win by over 20 minutes, and we are up towards the top of overall average speed. This page is dedicated to those who want to see that we not only prove that color doesn't matter on race day, but to show others we win with the non-standard colors and race week after week colored racing pigeons that others say can't compete. The proof is in the race results which can also be found on the Heartland Federation link at http://www.federationpigeons.com/  Our loft is one of the furthest lofts located to the west, and we fly against a front of up to 150 miles spread out east to west. The pigeon lofts competing are in Minnesota & Wisconsin. The Heartland Federation consist of 2 combines (Metro Combine and ICC Combine) and is made up of 7 different clubs.  Kuhn's Loft wins 4th Overall Heartland Federation in old birds

All my results have been accomplished by flying natural (nest position) to eggs and youngsters. NO TRAINING has been done since racing started, just open loft each day. This is a true testament of the quality of piegons we have, as we feel good birds rise to the top no matter how little training they have as long as they are healthy.

AU 11 i 13771 Red Cock

1st Club, 9th Metro Combine vs 349 birds, and 9th overall Heartland Federation vs 601 birds at 273 miles. He is Stassart/Sion/Th. Peeters bloodline.

AU 11 Whiteracers.com 6 White Cock

1st Club, 5th Metro Combine vs 498 birds, 18th overall Heartland Federation vs 915 birds at 175 miles. He is down from my Kuhn's Whiteracer line and his sire is a multiple diploma winner for me. #6 is a grandson of #114 who was a siolid white one loft race winner for me in 03'.

AU 11 TC 0528 Blue Check Cock

1st club, 1st Metro Combine vs 137 birds, and 1st overall Heartland Federation vs 217 birds by over 20 minutes. #0528 has been an excellent racer for me and was a daybird from 500M as a yearling last year as well taking 17th overall in the Heartland Federation.

AU 11 Whiteracers.com 158 Blue Barless Cock

Probably the most rare color I race. #158 has been flying the doors off up to 300 miles for me by being my 3rd bird in the clock 2X and 4th bird in the clock once. His top finishes are 49th vs 498 birds Metro Combine/99th Heartland Federation vs 915 birds 175 miles, 26th Metro Combine vs 349 birds/27th Heartland Federation vs 601 birds at 273 miles, 60th Metro Combine vs 224 birds/143rd Heartland Federation vs 526 birds at 175 miles For those that think that I don't race blue barless or that they can't be competitive, here is your proof. Multiple times so far this year he has been in the top 20% or better

AU 10 AA 26506 White Hen

Exceptional solid white that has been one of my top racers so far this year and related to my grizzle cock #26510 last year that was one of the top long distance racers in the staet according to the National Data base of teh American Racing Pigeon Union (AU). Top race result tis year has been 13th Metro Combiine vs 349 birds/13 overall Heartland Federation vs 601 birds at 273 miles

AU 12 Whiteracesr.com 217 Grizzle Cock

One of my top yearling racers so far. I usually don't expect alot out of yearlings as I don't race youngbirds, just train them out. #217 has been very consistent and always in teh clock on the short races. Top result so far has been 12th Metro Combine vs 498 birds/41st overall Heartland Federation vs 915 birds at 175 miles He is a direct son of #26510 who was my best long distance racer in 2012' old birds.

AU 11 Whiteracers.com 159 Blue Barless Cock

Raced out to 500 miles and made it on 2nd day. he is nestmate to #158 blue barless who is also pictured on this page.

AU 09 Whiteracers.com 145 White Cock

Excellent racer for me through the years, and has been my first bird in the clock back to back weeks at the Ames IA (175M) and Clear Lake IA (100M) stations

AU 09 Whiteracers.com 129 Grizzle Hen

600 mile day bird and 3rd Metro Combine and 4th overall in the Heartland Federation. She was one of only a handful of daybirds from the 600 mile station. She is also a 2X Show winner for me, and down from my Whiteracer Family.

AU 13 MPC 565 Dark Check W/F Hen

1st Young Hens in Decorah IA show, 1st Young Hens Des Moines IA show, 1st Young Hens Northern Wisconsin/Michigan show. She is straight old line Sion and currently on my race team

AU 11 Whiteracers.com 488 Black Cock

Best Black Racing Homer Des Moines IA Show, and down from the Black Knight family

AU 12 Whiteracers.com 339 Silver Barless Cock

Best Silver Des Moines IA Show. He is currently on my race team and has been flown out to 600 miles. He goes back to my Barless Baron/Black Knight bloodlines

AU 10 Whiteracers.com 121 White Hen

1st Old Hens & Reserve Champion Northern Wisconsin/Michigan Show, 1st Old Hen Solid White Des Moines IA Show. She is a direct daughter of #269 solid white who is a multiple diploma winner for me and #18 who is also a diploma winner for me including 8th overall Heartland Federation 500 miles vs 346 birds & 42 lofts.

AU 11 RRP 8021 Blue Bar W/F Cock

1st Old Cocks Northern Wisconsin/Michigan Racing Homer Show & Grand Champion, 1st Old Cocks & Reserve Champion Decorah IA Show, 2nd Old Cocks Hutchinson MN Show. He is Figo/Ganus bloodlines

AU 12 Whiteracers.com 323 White Cock

1st Old White Cocks & Grand Champion overall Des Moines IA Show. #323 is currentl;y on my race team and has been raced out to 300 miles. He is a direct son of #9518 who was 10th overall Heartland Federation vs 273 birds 30 lofts for me in 2011' & 9th overall Federation vs 224 birds 31 lofts in 2012'.

IF 13 FOYS 10175 Brown Check Hen

1st 200 miles vs 71 birds 16 lofts and beating next loft in clock by over 14 minutes. #10175 was raced out to 300 miles and flown by Dan Feltenstein of Viking Racing Pigeon Club and now resides in my loft to cross in with my yellow & brown family of racing homers I am working on.