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                       AU 12 Mystery 8544 "Mosaic Cock"

Sire is "Midnight Express" who was Ace Pigeon in Young Birds 07' and was a 2X Race Winner. Grandsire to #8544 is "MidnightSpecial" that was a 12X diploma winner and 1st Twin Cities Concourse 300M. Dam to #8544 is a 2X Classic Race Winner and was Ace Pigeon herself scoring in top 10% in 5 races. She is also a direct daughter of "Midnight Special". #8544 alias "Mosaic Cock" is a proven breeder of race/diploma winners and an outstanding handling bird in the hand as well as direct off not only just tow multiple race winners, but Champion Ace Pigeons. Price is a steal at $350 plus shipping   SOLD DM

       AU 12 Mystery 8665 Opal Cock  "Slingblade"

Sire is "Dash" who was 1st Twin Cities Concourse 100M as YB and then was equal 1st 100M Twin Cities Concourse as a yearling. He was a 10X diploma winner before being stocked and a grandson to 1st Twin Cities Combine 300M Gold Band Futurity Winner. Dam to #8665 is a full & 1/2 sister to 20 different Race Winners, and is responsible for multiple race/diploma winners herself. #8665 alias "Slingblade" is an outstanding bred pigeon that has winners all over pedigree. Price is a steal at $325 plus shipping and comes fully pedigreed.   SOLD